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Making memories huggable!
Bring your memories to life with custom art pillows!

Ellie Within is a Penn Creative Group company.

Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting Ellie Within!
This company was born from my love of graphic design, photography and the determination to create unique pillows full of meaning and memories! A dear friend saw the potential in my ideas and gave me a sewing machine. After taking a class about the basics, I was on my way! Over the past few years I have perfected my pillow sculpting techniques, but please don't ask me to make anything else! Pillows are the extent of my sewing abilities...for now!
Thank you again for visiting!
- Jodie Penn

During busy seasons, your order could take about 2 weeks to create.
You will receive an email within 24 hours of placing your order
with additional instructions and a time estimate.

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Please contact Jodie with any questions!


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